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Important: Before the script will be integrated, please read this information!

  • Links can be left out with the "nodymc" attribute.
  • Works only with internal links.
  • Triggers only if either an <a> element is clicked or the arrow keys of the browser are used.


HTML based website

For HTML based websites, the script must be placed before the closing body tag.

1    [..]
2    <script src="https://dymc.cf/js.js"></script>
3    </body>
4 </html>

WordPress based website

With WordPress based websites it is basically the same as with HTML based websites, but you can automate the process with the plugin Header and Footer.


The script offers the possibility to ignore certain links and to load them normally. To do this, add the "nodymc" attribute to the <a> tag.

1 [..]
2 <a nodymc href="https://yourwebsite/example">Example</a>
3 [..]

The color of the loading bar can also be adjusted. Add the "dymc.color" attribute to the <script> tag.

1 [..]
2 <script dymc.color="#fff" src="https://dymc.cf/js.js"></script>
3 [..]


The script could also cause problems on the website used. The following errors and problems are known:

  • If the content to be loaded contains a Javascript with this function "document.write()", the website will be overwritten and will no longer be visible.
  • In connection with an individual preloader, content could not be displayed correctly or more.
  • As soon as new content is loaded, all "setInterval ()" and "setTimeout ()" functions are canceled. This could affect the functionality of other scripts.
  • If other scripts interact with the html tag, there may be functional problems.